• Geologic and Geotechnical Investigation of Prospective Building Sites and Structural Projects
  • Construction Observation and Testing
  • Subsurface Exploration
  • Characterization and Causation Analysis for Distressed Buildings and Improvements
  • Hazard Remediation including Landslide Repair
  • Underwater Inspections
  • Investigations and Mapping in Vertical Environments
  • Geosteering Horizontal Wells for Mining Exploration and Production
  • Geosteering Horizontal Wells for Oil and Gas Exploration
All of our work is tapered to the particular needs of each client as well as the specific requirements of each site. We strive to personally work side-by-side with every client to give a clear understanding of the geotechnical conditions at their project location throughout the duration of the project.
Typically our investigations include:
  • a preliminary site visit and reconnaissance
  • review of development plans
  • review of aerial photographs
  • review of previous engineering and geology reports for the area
  • review of published geologic maps of the area
  • analysis of potential geologic hazards including liquefaction, landslides, active earthquake faults, seismic shaking, and expansive soils
  • subsurface exploration including drilling and/or trenching
  • laboratory testing of soil and bedrock samples obtained during subsurface exploration
  • engineering analysis of our laboratory data
  • slope stability analysis
  • recommendations for revisions if needed
  • development of geotechnical design parameters for foundation systems
  • mitigation of geologic hazards encountered
  • preparation of a summary report of findings with recommendations

Construction Observation:
Typically we observe all construction on our projects for which we provide recommendations and/or provide testing services. All observations and results are documented and provided in a summary report. Normally our observations include:
  • all grading activity – everything from sidewalk subgrades to massive earthworks such as buttressed landslide repairs
  • soil density and asphalt testing – we use a portable nuclear gauge to determine soil density and moisture content, as well as asphalt density during placement
  • observation of footing excavations including proper placement of steel and foundation concrete
  • observation of excavation and concrete/grout placement for foundation and structural piers, tiebacks, reinforced walls, and soil nails

Subsurface Exploration:
Our geologists and engineers are qualified to log all of our trenches and boreholes, obtain samples, and generate logs. This includes:
  • bedrock coring
  • soil sampling
  • trench and test pit excavation
  • mud logging
  • cone penetration testing (penetrometer)


Hazard Remediation:
After characterizing hazards that are active or potential threats, our geologists and engineers often design the corresponding repairs, including:
  • foundation underpinning – reinforcement of existing foundations
  • earth buttress construction with subsurface drainage systems – basically this is placement of a side-hill fill in such a way that it becomes an extremely strong earth “dam” that stabilizes the slope
  • underground pier wall construction – a steel and concrete pier system is placed below ground to stabilize a slope
  • appropriate drainage system design – water is the single largest factor contributing to foundation damage and slope instability
Geosteering for Mineral Exploration and Production, and Oil/Gas Exploration:
Geosteering is the ability to accurately find and guide a drill bit through targeted rock formations. This is accomplished by monitoring the natural gamma radiation of the formations using down-hole tools while drilling. Real time adjustments can be made to change the direction of the bit while drilling is underway.
Extreme Environments:
Faultline Geologic Consultants can operate offshore and in marine and freshwater environments. Our commercial diving team uses surface supplied air and can operate from shore, boat, or offshore platform. We can perform inspections as well as underwater tasks, including construction. We can also work in steep and vertical terrain. Whether it is drilling on a cliff face, or mapping a dam face or head scarp, Faultline can go there.

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