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Past Projects that our Personnel Have Worked On
Landslide Damage

Landslide Damage

Failing road on the head of a landslide. Notice the arcuate shape of the scarp forming in the foreground. In the distance, a soldier pile wall is protecting the remaining lane from a different landslide.

Slide Planes in Clayey Material Are Typically Slick and Have Grooves Indicating the Direction of Movement

Slide Plane Exposed in Test Pit Trench. Many Large Landslides Share Characteristics With Valley Glaciers. Here a landslide mass has moved irregularly to create an air void.

Head Scarp

Landslide Repair Buttress

Landslide Repair Pier Wall

Tieback Wall

Excavating Holes for Cast-in-Place Piers to Underpin a Foundation at the Edge of a Landslide


Trench Excavation for Alquist Priolo Earthquake Zone Fault Study


A Trace of the Hayward Fault Exposed in a Trench. Water is Often Trapped Against Faults and Roots Are Often Found Along Fault Traces.


Hayward Fault Exposed in Oakland, California.



Asphalt Testing

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