Faultline Geologic Consultants

Faultine Geographic ConsultantsAbout Faultline: Faultline Geologic Consultants is a full service consulting firm specializing in engineering geology and geotechnical engineering for commercial, residential, and public works projects. We provide soils and geology reports for new construction as well as investigate structures distressed by landsliding, subsidence, or expansive soils. Faultline Geologic also provides geosteering services for exploration and production wells.

Services include landslide hazard evaluation and stabilization, drainage studies, liquefaction analysis, Alquist-Priolo Earthquake Fault Zone studies, as well as pipeline, dam, bridge, tunnel, rail line, highway road projects, and construction of municipal water and wastewater treatment plants. We also provide construction observation and testing, inspections, insurance claim investigation, forensic geology, expert witness testimony, and subsurface exploration of geotechnical and environmental engineering sites.

We operate internationally and nationwide as well as locally. We can operate under water, offshore, and in vertical or steep environments. Our office is in the City of Alameda, located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Certifications: Faultline Geologic Consultants has the following registrations:

Small Business (SB) in the State of California

California General Engineering Contractors License

Alameda County Small and Emerging Business (SLEB)

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